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About Me

My name is Jessica Bautista-Baker and with my passion and professional background in event management, I began my journey of planning my own wedding in August 2020 on a budget, with 100% success, even if I do say so myself, I fell more in love with events, planning and simply the idea of making every couple's dream day come true.

From planning a wedding from scratch, I know it can have it's stresses, but I also know how fun it can be, so allow me to take that stress away from you, so you and your partner can enjoy the process together on your terms and with your ideal budget.


Addionally, I am a virtual assistant and social media manager for businesses in the wedding industry, to allow them to gain back time and focus on their craft, from taking over their admin workload, to social media stratigies, create and schedule, and more.

As I continue my professional journey, I am excited to learn, grow and experience what’s ahead of the curve, and keep my work relevant and creative.

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