W E D D I N G  P L A N N I N G

Jessica Bautista Weddings offers an affordable planning service from power hour to simply a helping hand. As your wedding planner, it is my role to help you have the wedding of your dreams on your budget.

I am currently based in London, planned my wedding in Shropshire and happy to offer my wedding planning services to couples in London and around the UK.


About Me

From mine to yours, I love - love, the little details that make it yours and the happiness it'll bring to you, as well as myself.



From power hours to the final details, I am here to help you make your event happen.


My Skills

I'm an open book, check out what I've done, how it's shaped me and what I can do to offer you.

" I have have had the opportunity to watch Jessica blossom into a seasoned Event professional in her generation. Her meticulous persona exemplifies what event professionals look for in a project manager and she can only go from strength to strength. Being in the same industry, it has given me the opportunity to work with Jessica at different capacities over a period of time.


Jessica is experienced in large scale live events to small intimate soirées, yet still manages to keep the high level of quality we can only aspire to achieve as event professionals. Jessica is an over achiever that can only be a benefit in this industry. Her work experience before venturing out in full time event planning range from an event agency to hotel level, both in reactive and proactive capacities, this in turn has given her an all around experience.  


Jessica is an exceptional Event Manager, who approaches every aspect of her job with an enviable level of energy, professionalism and commitment to delivering first class events.  Using her own initiative and innovative ideas, she regularly develops new working practices and strategies which helps increase profit margins on her events and time manage her team extremely efficiently. Jessica thrives on being presented with new challenges, and never fails to deliver.

Onwards and upwards Jess!"

Myra De La Cruz - Mentor in Events Management