5 Annoying Questions People Ask When You're Engaged

Updated: Aug 23

You're engaged, congratulations! "When's the wedding?"

I know, it's understandable that everyone you've ever met in your life is excited. You've got all the congratulations, if you're lucky, a party with everyone focused on your brand new sparkly engagement ring.. but that all comes at a price - ALL THE QUESTIONS!

You've already most likely heard these and undoubtedly been asked these over and over again.. 1. "When's the wedding?"

People really ask as if they expect you to have the entire wedding planned the moment he pops the question. I literally got engaged five minutes ago - I've just about processed what's happening. Can I just enjoy the engagement?

Although, if you admit that you have no idea (because it happened 5 minutes ago) people start giving their list of things you should be doing, as if they're a professional wedding planning or some start pressuring you to pick a date because "they're just so excited"

If you genuinely have no idea or you're not ready to share that info yet, just tell the person that you’re considering a few options right now or you simply haven't thought that far ahead just yet.

2. "Are you inviting X and Y?" or "I am invited, right?"

When you're freshly engaged, does anyone really know who they're inviting just yet? I have a big family as it is, I'm already questioning if we'll all fit in the venue, let alone adding more guests.

But let's be honest, if you’re close friends or family, you’ll most likely get an invite, but don’t make me feel guilty about it if we have to go for a smaller guest list – weddings ain't cheap!