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5 Contributions to my Fitness Journey

I have recently posted on my Instagram story in regards to the new addition to my fitness journey, which is the Chloe TIng challenge, yes, the very famous 2 week shred. Today is day 2 and by the time this post goes live, I may or may not have completed this day but you can catch that on my Instagram story (or fitness highlight) because I have officially put you all accountable for my journey. Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, nor I am not a professional fitness coach in shape or form. I am merely sharing my own opinions and experiences. Just sharing simply what’s been working for me. Prior to this and lockdown in general, I slowly started my fitness journey but going to the gym at least 3 times a week at the start of the year, in the early mornings before work - there wasn’t anything special or particular thing that I did, but I would always spend at least 45 mins to an hour there, and simply felt accomplished.

Since the gyms have been closed, my motivation to continue my fitness journey began as a wobbly line, but now I believe I have a nice routine going on due to having more flexibility with my time and here are the 5 main contributions to my on going fitness journey.

1. Couch to 5K

On April 15th, I embarked the journey of running. Let me tell you, if you knew me and my lack of motivation to exercise, you would know that I am the last person on Earth you’d ever think would start running, let alone being 4 weeks in (I know it’s meant to be on week 5 but I stopped for a week due to self isolating) and I actually enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fast paced runner, but a runner nonetheless and I cannot be happier with my progress. I still don’t believe I’d be able to run 5K without stopping within the next 5 weeks but I hope to be proved wrong.

Honestly, if you are planning to download Couch to 5K and have any doubts, just do it because if I can do it - you can definitely do it!

2. Smart weighing scales I am that person who refuses to weight themselves, mainly because I don’t want to know the number but also because I don’t want to obsess on that number, as I know it does not define me - prior to this, I did not weigh myself for a very long time until I started going to the gym again but I soon started to realise it wasn’t healthy for me, as I fluctuate in weight everyday - it’s very annoying actually.

These scales are so much more than just measuring your weight, but also your body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, down to your water percentage, protein percentage and so much more. With that, my aim is to decrease the percentage of body fat and focus on that number itself than my weight as a whole, as over the past week of having this device, it has been proven that my weight can go up but the percentage of my body fat has decreased.

3. Drinking half a gallon of water

Truth be told, I rarely ever used to drink water, or much liquids during the day to begin with and honestly, I know how terrible that was now but I am now the queen of peeing every half an hour, I mean drinking half a gallon to a gallon of water a day.

I used to have a 500ml metal water bottle to keep track of how much I was drinking, but it just didn’t seem effective to me, so I decided to see if purchasing a half a gallon water bottle would help and I would say it has made a drastic change, as it gave a better guidance of how much I was drinking and somewhat giving myself a point at the bottle of have drank within a certain time.

As I continue to drink more water, my body becomes more adjusted to it that I no longer go to the toilet as much and on some rare occasions I can drink a gallon of water and more.

4. Calorie counting

I know this may be a controversial situation for some but hear me out, I am someone who eats what I want when I want and simply don’t think about what I’m actually putting in my body (hence why I’m in this situation now), with calorie counting, I am using this as a guide to still eat what I wish but within the guidance of what is a healthy amount. When I compare what I used to eat back then to what I eat now, yes it has changed and for the better, but it doesn't mean I don’t snack or eat cake etc. It just means I eat in moderation and or I choose to eat a lighter and healthier meal to be able to eat that Nando’s for dinner, and I feel so much better for it. Although I did know this already, but calorie counting has given me a whole new perspective, I am much more conscious about drinking my calories, not eating 5 packets of crisps in one sitting and learning things like eating a whole bag of spinach is about 30 calories! So I want to say that I do not follow a “diet”, I do still eat what I want but all under the guidance of my own set calorie intake.

5. Protein shakes

This one might even be more controversial than the last point but this is a choice I’m made to increase my protein intake as it’s been shown something my body is very low in. I am not and never had been a breakfast person, unless it’s the weekend or I am on holiday (don’t ask me why), so while in lockdown, I have decided to take on having a protein shake as a meal replacement for breakfast, if not breakfast, sometimes lunch - I do this with almond milk, frozen and fresh fruit. I would not usually condemn meal replacements but if anything, I am having an extra meal within the day that I usually wouldn’t but with better health benefits of giving me the protein I need, along with reaching at least half of my 5 a day. This will not be a permanent solution, but it one I have chosen to try on this journey.

As scary as it is to publicise something that I have been avoiding for a very long time, I am excited for this journey. I know what I want and no matter how slow this journey may take, I will get to my fitness goal, which is to simply be healthier and to feel even more comfortable in my own skin. I do plan to continue to share my journey, my thoughts and updates, but I will not tell you how much I weigh or did weigh or what my calorie intake is, as this differs to each individual and as mentioned, I am not a professional.

What I will tell you is that within the first week of weighing myself, I had lost 2kg in a week, but gained and dropped in between that week and since then, I have hovered in that range, as well as my body fat percentage. If you have any tips or are on the same journey, please reach out - any extra motivation would be amazing, let’s be in this together!


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