• Jessica Bautista

5 Positives During My Lockdown

I have to admit, I haven’t always been a positive person. I’ve always been a realist, but I’ve slowly come to terms that not everything that doesn’t go a certain way isn’t always a negative. Now my mindset has changed and I believe that not everything needs a reason and some things just are. You can’t change everything but you can change the way you think of it - so I choose to think of the positives and especially now, being positive is what is keeping me together.

1. SPENDING TIME WITH MY PARTNER What a cliche to begin with but honestly it’s been a blessing.

Yes, prior to this we were already living together, but living together didn’t always mean we spent time together, with having had started and finishing work at completely different times, it meant we barely saw each other in the morning and sometimes not even having dinner together, it also didn’t help that I worked on Saturday’s. Now, with myself not working, taking away travel times and him working from home. We’re now able to have all three meals together and that’s everything right now, but as he is still working, we still have a healthy amount of time apart. It’s the perfect balance.


If you know me personally, you’d know I am not so much into my fitness. Before this, I just about joined the gym for the one hundredth time in the past three years (but let’s not focus not that fact so much now) Two weeks into lockdown and not have been to the gym, I surprisingly plucked up the courage to download Couch to 5K and if you told me, that I would be running three times a week, I’d be laughing my head off, but here I am on my fourth week and I actually enjoy it. I have also slighly changed my eating habits but I hope to make that a separate post in the future.


I know it’s not just me who thought this is the perfect time to start saving money because what better time to do so right?

Although, my online shopping hit the roof in the first few weeks, but I have tamed that habit now and focusing on getting my finances in check and planning for bigger things for when the new normal comes along. I can’t say I’ve saved much since, but I have managed to control my finances at a slower pace than usual, which has been such a huge relief.

4. CREATING MORE HOMEMADE CONTENT FOR MY FOOD BLOG I know, I know, another reason to plug the food blog? But seriously, being at home literally 24/7 means constant cooking for all three meals (or more), snacks and all! With my partner still working full time (from home) I have knighted myself the designated chef of the household and rather than creating just the same old stuff, this was the perfect time to experiment and recreate all our favourite takeaways - so go check it out!

5. STARTING THIS PROJECT If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know I’m here to share everything about myself and usually that doesn’t come easy. I am on a self love journey and it begins here.

Having all this extra time has given me this project to fully focus on myself. —I am truly grateful to have a roof over my head, to be healthy and have the opportunity to be positive.

Tell me what have things are keeping you positive during this time, I’d love to know.


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