5 things to do before you begin your Wedding Planning

Updated: Jan 16

When I first started wedding planning, the thought of it was exciting but also just the thought of where to begin was overwhelming - so here are the first 5 main things I started with, which I hope will help you on your planning journey.

1. Create a wedding email

This was literately the first thing I did, before signing up to any wedding apps or website, I create a separate wedding email for all wedding correspondence. This will allow you to keep your personal email clean during and after the wedding planning, allow both yourself and your partner to access and easy to filter.

Just make sure you check this email regularly as you would your personal.

2. Sit down and set a budget

Trust me when I say this is needed but also difficult if you have no idea how much weddings cost to begin with. So many people told me to set a budget first and work around that otherwise, you will continue to go beyond the amount you can realistically do.

We started with a rough budget, but never really set it in stone and before we knew it, we were already 4K over budget and that's the realness of it all - so set your realistic budget, allow your wedding to fit around that and make sacrifices for what needs be.

3. Create a budget spreadsheet

Assuming you've already got budget set, you now need to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all your expenses, what's already been paid, what's outstanding.

Simply using excel, from the date spent, the purchase, which card was used and the current status of each item purchased or to be purchased, along with where from, what company and a link if necessary.

4. Find/create a suitable timeline

The number one question is where do I begin? Finding the best timeline that matches your time frame to your wedding is crucial, especially for your culture and wedding type.

I personally found one on Pinterest, which fit my exact 12 month time frame, but not all points were relevant for my specific wedding or I ended up completing them in advance or put for a later month, but worked perfectly as a guide to help me through the process.

I also plan on creating my own to share, so look out for that in a few weeks.

5. Open a joint savings account

This is one many may think is a bit much but this is what made sense to us from the beginning - each month, we'd both put int he same amount of money in the joint account to ensure all is fair, we both have access to the account to be able to keep track of expenses, along with having separate cards to use when making any wedding purchases.

These are the 5 main things I did when I started my own wedding planning and I personally think it's been smooth sailing so far - I have everything recorded and anything that needs to be referred to by either party, it is clear and productive.

Much love,


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