5 Unexpected Wedding Costs

A wedding is expensive, we all know that, but honestly, you never truly understand how expensive a wedding is until you're planning your own - I mean, for me anyway.

So, the basics, we all know that you have to pay for the big things such as the venue, your wedding dress, the groom's suit, videography/photography, even the registrar - here I am feeling like I know it all, this is standard, right?

Right, but once you slowly get though your checklist, you start to realise that there are so many small fees that don't get brought up as much - so here are a few things I have recently come across, which may hopefully help you...

1. Bridesmaid Proposals

The moment I got popped the question, I knew it was my turn to do the same to the siblings to ask them in a special way to stand up there with me on our special day - things like this just can't be done via a phone call, even a lunch date will not suffice for me (especially during a pandemic) - so something creative in box from was the way to go, but either way, these things add up - so I created my own proposal boxes on a budget.

2. Postage

We were way too excited to send out our save the dates, we found some really cute ones on Etsy, which included envelopes and everything but funnily enough, what we did not consider was the extra cost of having the fee of the postage stamps.

Top tip: make sure to weight your envelopes and the shape of it, as this can bump up the price, or if you are completely unaware this is a thing like we did - it may result in your guests having to fork out the extra fee to receive it.

Also, remember the cost is double if you are sending out both save the dates and invitations, which luckily we've managed to avoid due to having an online wedding invitations.

3. Meals for the Bride & Groom / Vendors

I actually cannot believe that I am writing this and honestly, this is the one that I just confused myself on how I forgot about including us in the final head count to the caterers. It sounds so silly but sadly, we don't eat for free at our own wedding.

Also, you cannot forget to include your vendors - they're there just as long as you are, and they need to eat too - make sure to discuss this or include this within your agreement with them, if you don't wish to fork out the whole meal payment with your guests, then ask your caterers to make something extra on the side for them.

4. Transportation

If your ceremony is at a different location to your reception, you may want to think about how you and your new husband are getting there, and potentially your guests - but that is not what I'm talking about as we're lucky to have both within the same venue - this is for your guests that are choosing to stay at a hotel away from your wedding location.

Generally, most would say you're not responsible for how guests get to and from your wedding, but it does become your concern if a guest gets too intoxicated or simply because you want to provide this extra service for out of town guests.

5. Accommodation the night before

Again, something so simple, yet something I had not included in the overall budget - I do wish to stay the night before at the hotel where out venue is, potentially with the maid of honour and bridesmaids, 1. because it is safer to have everyone in one place and 2. to have the extra time together to make it that little more special but pay attention to check in/check out times - you may need to book the room for two nights in order to have the morning to get ready.

Don't get me wrong, there are a few more that I could mention but these are some of the main ones that I personally didn't event think about until I crossed that bridge or when someone asks - have you come across any of these costs or were you smart enough to had already known these?

Much love,


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