Your Story: Bride-to-be's Planning Their Wedding During a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 23

No only do I want to share my story with you, I also want to use this platform to share others in what they are going through during this time - to show each other that we are not alone in this matter.

It's been a tough time for us all, the whole wedding industry in fact - so let's here from the Bride-to-be themselves, and up first we have Michaella's Story...

Instagram: MichaellaRose Ryan and I have been together since 2012, in 2018 he FINALLY proposed in a beautiful Balinese Temple. Being a super keen couple, we didn’t want to be engaged for too long and had plans to marry in May 2020 in our hometown, London. Obviously Covid didn’t allow that from happening, since then we’ve moved our date twice. We’ve finally settled on a date in June 2022, this date would mark our 10-year anniversary. Moving our date the first time was a breeze but the second time was slightly harder, the majority of our suppliers have been super flexible with the date change, some costs have increased (understandably) and some have completely ignored our emails despite paying full amounts upfront. I know it has been super hard on the wedding/events industry so we’re trying to be patient and as understanding as we can, we’ll get there. It’s been a rocky journey to say the least, this time around I’m more optimistic, I’m grateful to have my family, good health during these times and the most supportive fiancé. I’ve found a huge support group online from reconnecting with old friends who had planned 2020 weddings and brides-to-be on Instagram who I’ve never met, like the lovely Jessica. It’s been amazing to connect, the power of social media is a wonderful thing. In the extra year we now have to spare, we’re looking to buy a new home together. This should hopefully keep us both occupied and the 500 odd days will feel like a breeze. 2022 we’re coming for you!


Thank you so much Michaella for sharing your story with us and your kind words! It's so nice to read your story, not only to get to know you better, but to also know and feel that we as Bride-to-be's are not alone in this - let's help each other and support each other though this time!

Much love,