DIY: Buttonholes

I searched high and low for buttonholes ad even researched into understanding the reasons for them, but many either unnecessarily expensive for what they are or the ones on the cheaper side, looked rather cheap - so in true DIY fashion, I wanted to make them myself using the exact same bouquet of flowers the bridesmaids will be holder for pure constancy.

Products used:

- Kraft twine (Amazon) - £5.99

- Paper florist tape - £2.65

- Artificial Ivory (6) Rose Bundle - £3.50

- Additional leaves (used from another bouquet)

- Scissors

May I add that I only needed to make 4 buttonholes, and the tape and twine had also been used for the maid of honour's flowers, bridesmaid flowers and potentially my own wedding bouquet of flowers - so the price of the products listed above were truly well used. The point I am making is that multi use is always the best when on a budget.

  1. Cut the stem down to the size you wish

2. Cut the additional leafage to the same length as your flower

3. Wrap the leafage stem around the flower stem

4. Using the paper florist tape, cover any sharp edges and/or imperfections you wish to cover from the bottom to the top of the stem

One layer is usually enough, but feel free to bulk up as much as you desire

5. Leading from the top to the bottom and wrapping around starting from the bottom, make your way up until the whole stem is covered.

I like to leave extra twine at the top for when I finish my wrap, I have enough left over to create a tie or bow to finish.

I personally used the kraft twine as it fits within my theme but if you are simply happy with the green paper florist tape look, you could also stop there. It also goes without saying, you can use this exact process with real flowers and gain the same outcome.

If throughout this whole post you're wondering why I decided to create these buttonholes with artificial flowers then real flowers, then make sure to read my next post on the pro's and con's of real and artificial flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, do let me know in the comments for any other DIY posts you'd like to see.

Much love,


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