DIY: Confetti Cones

Updated: Aug 23

This DIY was not originally planned, but since I had that awkward shape of wrapping paper left from previous birthday gift giving, I thought I would create something with it and it so happened to be perfect fitting for our wedding to create these confetti cones for our friends and family to hold onto until the ceremony is over.

So, if you are interested to see the easiest little DIY hack for your own needs, continue reading - or head over to my Instagram to watch the reel on it!

So what you need to do is get your wrapping paper cut them into squares.

I did 10cm by 10cm, but you can make them as big or as small as you wish to fit within your preference.

Folding into 2 corners joining together and with a bit of glue, you just need to seal the folds together to form the corn shape.

We had some extra stickers so we used those, but you can also use a stamp or you can just write them on yourselves with your names or date, or even both.

Products used:

- Leftover Kraft wrapping paper from Paperchase

- Pritt Stick Glue

- Leftover personalised stickers from Etsy

For the confetti itself, we've decided to order biodegradable petal confetti on Etsy, but I have also thought about creating my own by drying flowers at home, or using the hole punching circles with coloured paper and or coloured tissue paper.

And that's a wrap ;) are you having confetti at your wedding? Thoughts? Too messy? Bring it all the way?