DIY: MOH/Bridesmaid Proposal Box

From the moment I had my proposal, I knew I had to do the right things a create a Bridesmaid proposal for my bridal party - I got straight onto Pinterest (follow me) to see what ideas are floating about and did a quick google search, many took me to personalised boxes, make up bags and a whole set pre-packed and ready for purchase.

The more I researched, the more I tried to find the products that were worth the price, read all the reviews and considered so many options - luckily, I do not have a large bridal party only: 1 x Maid of Honour, 2 x Bridesmaids and a Flower Girl, which naturally kept the costs low, but I love a good challenge and I love making things myself.

So I took it upon myself to create my own personalised box on a budget.

I began my search online as per usual, but i am an excited and impatient woman - I could not sit still and wait for things to arrive, so on my day off, I went for a gander at the Flying Tiger to see what they have to offer, it took me a few searches in different branches to find what I was looking for, but I finally found a great box to use, to personalised and based the contents inside around the box itself.

So the journey began near home, with having an outlet just minutes walk away, I knew I hit the goldmine and it so happened, that I found everything I needed.

Products used with pricing:

Box - Flying Tiger: £1 each (was £2)

Candles - Yankee Candle Outlet: 12 for £10

Nail Varnish - Beauty Outlet: £1.99 each

Bath Fizz - Beauty Outlet: £3.99 for a box

Total: £25.95 / 4 = £6.49 per proposal box

The rest I used from items I already had at home, like a black sharpie pen to write their names on the front of the box and the popping question on the inside, and I hand shredded coloured paper to act as a bed to the items inside.

The idea of creating your own box is that you can be as creative as you possibly can, or be as simple as you want to be, include things that your bridal party would want or useful to your wedding or keep into theme of your wedding colours - the creativity is endless.

The thing I regret the most was not taking photos myself of the final product, or taking videos of my process but I do love that the photos provided are from the bridal party themselves.

I hope you enjoyed the insight to my own personal journey with creating these Bridesmaid Proposals and inspired you to create your own, or feel free to do the exact same.

Much love,


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