DIY: Table Names

Updated: Aug 23

With lockdown number 2 in place, a lot of time being spent at home, along with the want to budget - I have decided to take on a lot of DIY wedding props. I've already showed you how to DIY your own Bridesmaid Proposal, now I'm going to show how to create these easy table names with just some basics.

Items used & costs:

B&M white frames: £2.99 per pack

Amazon White Glass Pen: £2.29

Superglue: £2.25

The concept is easy, remove all packaging from the frames, including the back stand and paper included - remove any protective layer from the glass frame if necessary.

All you will need are the frames themselves and the glass. Once we've got those, take the glass and use your glass pen to write your table names or numbers on them - I personally used a website called - fontspace - to find the best typography for my theme and traced over it on my iPad, but if you have nice handwriting or simply want to freehand this, then of course go ahead and do that.

Once you are happy with your writing, let it set to dry on the side, while you continue the rest of the names/numbers, once all is done - take your superglue and place around the edges of the frame and the glass firmly in place.

Honestly, it only took me 40 minutes to do a total of 9 frames, which I am so happy with -with the basic style of frame, these can easily be free standing on the table, but I may also want to hang them from my centre pieces.

If you're not one for reading, have a watch at my quick reel on instagram.