Life Update: I got married!

It is the middle of August and my last blog post on here was in March, what an absolute disgrace on my part. in my defence, I did write draft a blog post back in June with all the things that had happened in regards to the wedding and buying a house during the remaining months but I had a moment where I felt that it seemed that I was bragging, and that's just not that I wanted at all, so I never posted it, which I do regret now, as the point would have been to keep track of our wedding planning process.

So, anyway this mini post was just to give a little update, as my website name will still remain in my maiden name, but my name married name is now, Jessica Bautista-Baker. If you would like to have a nosey at all my wedding posts, please do feel free to find me on Instagram, as the posts will still be coming, as well as our video highlight.

Although, our wedding is now over, I have yet to share our experiences of planning a wedding and what we did, what other options there are, etc.

I also have the privileged of helping one of our good friends plan their wedding, as well as my cousin's 10 year vow renewal next year, so all exciting things happening and more wedding related content to come! So, stick around and if you've got an event coming up and you need some help, drop me a line and check out the services I offer.

Much love,

Jessica Bautista-Baker