My Story: My Guest List Situations

When we got engaged, the first thing I wanted to do was personally call of the people in my life, that were close to me, that deserved to be told directly from myself, rather than the important ones to find out on social media - so these people were family members and super close friends to the both of us.

That in itself spoke words on how we how we would be arranging our guest list - my family is huge in numbers as it is, so a "small" wedding was always on the cards, because I don't know if you knew - weddings are expensive! So direct family and the closest of friends were to be invited.

With planning the wedding as a whole, we have not com across many complications, I've done most of the actual planning and James helps with the final decisions of this or that - that's the way I like it ;)

But the only issues so far has been the guest list - we started with writing a list of family members on each side, from grand parents to cousins.

Initially we said we would prefer not to have kids at the wedding, but as out wedding is out of London and my whole family are from London, if all family are coming - who would be looking after the kids? So, my family kids will be attending, a lot of my cousins are older than me, so there are a few toddlers about - but this was the least of our problems.

I've already been asked by invited guests, naming and asking non-invited guests if they are coming or if they are invited. I've been told they may be bringing a plus one, although plus ones were not permitted. I've had extra RSPV's from one person who was invited. I've had an auntie who wasn't invited RSVP on behalf of my grandma. I've had family asking why certain family members aren't invited.

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way trying to be a bridezilla, if anything it's just given me so much anxiety - my problem isn't about telling these guests no, it's the awkwardness of having to do it in the first place.

We tried really hard to be as clear as possible on our online invitation to avoid all the awkwardness but these things come as a package with involving some dramas.

We can say we have officially completed our wedding guest list, with a few back and forth debates and questions, we have made our decision.

I hope to create a little post of what helped us decide, maybe even a little infographic. So keep an eye on that - have you come across any of these issues with your guest lists?

Much love,


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