My Story: Saying Yes to the Dress

As well as sharing my wedding planning milestones and budget hacks, I also want to be able to share my own story and other real life brides-to-be.

I briefly mentioned on my Instagram account about how I felt during my first wedding dress shopping experience and I had another bride-to-be message me that they had a similar experience and as strange as it sounds, it felt very comforting - comforting to know that how I felt was normal.

I don't know about you, other than watching 'Say Yes to the Dress', I was not told on what to expect when dress shopping, let alone shopping for a wedding dress during a pandemic.

I can't speak for how it usually is, but my experience started with only being able to have 2 people with me at my fitting and at the time, we had to be from the same household, and some other future fittings were only allowed 1 person with me - so that alone was upsetting but I was grateful to have had my mum and sister there during my first shop.

Due to the restrictions, it was only us in the store, which was a plus really, but i guess it removed the full atmosphere experience, but again not having the lovely who was helping me, could not come into the dressing room with me to zip me up, I had to most myself or ask my sister to come in with me, which also took away her experience from being surprised - or I'm just watching too much 'Say Yes to the Dress'

Other than not having felt my absolute best physically, I felt a wave of underwhelming and overwhelming emotions and although what I'm about to say next sounds like I'm having cold feet - it is not that - but once a veil was placed on my head and my sister passed me a bouquet of flowers, I freaked out and I just couldn't shake this feeling.

Once I had left the shop, thought about the dress I thought I loved, I started getting excited - looking over the photos that were taken, sharing some with very close friends and getting their opinions - only after we left I realised I was excited to head to the next shop and try on more.

A week later and I am visiting my next wedding shop, this time no overwhelming or underwhelming experiences, tried on another 5/6 dresses but from the second dress I tried on, I knew I had already found the one.

This dress was pretty much double the price of what I knew I could get a wedding dress at, but honestly - I just had the feeling I had to have this dress.

Although I didn't cry or have my entourage cry, it just felt right.

My advice to any future brides: Have an open mind, trust your gut instincts, base your love on how YOU feel - not just how you think others will see you and enjoy the process!

What was your first wedding dress experience like?

Was you expecting 'Say Yes to the Dress' feels?

Much love,


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