DIY: Sparkler Tags (+download)

Updated: Jan 16

I'm back again with another DIY post but with a little twist of having the pleasure of giving YOU a little download, which you can edit and print for yourself.

All you need is:

A printer (or a friend's printer ;) hehe) Card paper - £2 from B&M

Scissors or guillotine - £6.99 on Amazon

Single hole puncher - £2 on Amazon

When I was looking into getting sparkler tags on Etsy, I found some really nice ones and I fell in love with them and to buy around 60 tags, personalised - it was about £30 - don't get me wrong, that's hardly anything compared to the bigger costs of things but as per, it all adds up!

So naturally, in this mindset I know have, "I can make that" and that I did, and now you can too.

To download your FREE printable below:

Sparkler Tags x 9 in Black
Download DOCX • 1.20MB

Each page has 9 tags, all you need to do is download, edit your names and wedding date to what you wish, and print as many as you like - cut along the lines and punch holes at both the top and bottom in the middle of each tag to be able to slip into each sparkler.

Much love,


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