Pro's & Con's: Online Wedding Invitation

Updated: Aug 23

Majority of us live our lives online and couldn't imagine living without it, let alone being able to plan a wedding without it - so why not just create an online wedding invitation right?

To be honest, this was not our original idea, we were all for the traditional wedding invitations but thought about the idea of having our guests RSVP online and due to the current climate, we wanted to have an online wedding page for guests to keep up to date with in terms of what's happening and details.

Once I started creating this page, I realised everything I had included would have been on the traditional wedding invitation, so we continued to proceed with this idea, and although we have chosen to do it ourselves, we have also come across some downsides...


- Save money - this is the ultimate reason to be honest, as well as no paper waste and savings on the stamps too may I add.

- Include important links/maps and directions - this is so much more helpful to have online access to a digital map to show you the best routes via train or car, as well as direct links to the closest hotel etc.

- As much or as little detail as you wish - you can add your own gift registry list with links or monetary money poem and any updates to the wedding updates your guests need to know.

- Attendees can’t add their own guests - Guest list politics are the worst, but you can have the control online with only allow guests to RSVP for how many they can, rather than waiting for something in the post with a few extra names.

- Receive RSVP responses via email - Following from the last point, you do not need to wait around for the post for these RSVP's, with everything online, you will get responses quicker.


- Missing out on tradition - this is the main point as to why we would have preferred to have a physical invitation and it's just nice to have something to keep from the wedding (which we have found a way around, we're still planning to print a few for the parents and grandparents to keep)

- Not everyone is online / guests may not be tech-savvy - we all know we're talking about the oldies out there, they may need extra guidance from yourself or other family members, and it may just look like their deciding not to come.