Pro's & Con's: Real or Artificial Flowers

Updated: Aug 23

Real or not real? This has been the question I have been debating myself for a while now.

I've had both sides of friends, brides themselves and event wedding planners give me their personal opinions and so far, both have been just as convincing - so I'm going to break down the pro's and con's - let me know what you think.

Real Flowers

Con: Real flowers have a limited life span. You will have to be diligent about keeping them in water until the wedding ceremony begins, which can cause an extra hassle on the day.

Pro: Real flowers come with the benefit that they are naturally fragrant. It is a nice touch that will be noticed when entered into the room, but not usually necessary as such.

Con: Real flowers are fragile and easily damaged. The reality is that bouquets are packed from place to place throughout the day, will be touched by many hands to move from here to there, so it must be handled with care.

Pro: Real flowers lead a sense of beauty and romance that isn’t always achievable with artificial arrangements.

Con: Real flowers are expensive in general and rightly so, especially if your bouquet of choice consists of flowers that are out of season or in high demand.

Artificial Flowers

Pro: Artificial flowers tend to be more affordable, mostly as the labor costs are less and so are the materials they are made with. In addition, every flower is available year round.

Con: Artificial flowers are unscented and they will not feel real. Upon close inspection they may not look real. This may be preferable however as they are non allergenic.

Pro: If you are looking to be more eco-friendly, artificial flowers are a great option. Equally beautiful, they can be recyclable as well as reusable where you and/or your guests can take them home as a keepsake or to reuse for home decor.

Pro: Artificial flowers won’t wilt or fall to pieces if they are dropped or handled roughly. This makes them easier to transport and less subject to damage.