• Jessica Bautista

Quarantine Diaries: It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Updated: May 22

Following from my previous post on ‘5 positives during my lockdown’, and since it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought it was very fitting to share a very big part of myself, which may contradict that last post but as well as sharing the positives I want to be able to share the hardships that I go through with my own mental health because I know that the cliche saying “you are not alone” does help some people and that is also the purpose of having this blog. “ONE IN FOUR people will experience mental illness each year... BUT ALL FOUR of those people have mental health” I do not usually speak this openly about my mental health because just like most things in life, there are a serious group of people in this world that do not understand it, hate on it and some just don’t feel comfortable about this topic, but this does need to be spoken about more and hopefully one day, I will be able to do so more but let’s start with the basics. With everything on social media and online, most people simply showcase the picture perfect side of their life and it’s so easy to get trapped into that void and start comparing, but it’s easier said than done but we do need a little nudge of reality and this is what this post is for me. Yes, I said I focus on the positives but I also mentioned not everything that doesn’t go your way is a negative, sometimes it just is and my metal health is just that. I’m still learning how to deal with it, as each day goes by and I’ve slowly, very slowly but surely been understanding that little bit more each day that being sad for no reason or not wanting to do anything at all, is also okay.

We are all going through a hard time and my heart goes out to those effected more than others but there is not a right or wrong way to feel right now. Yes, some are striving through this, but it doesn’t mean you have to. Admittedly, I am one of those people who has to feel like they‘re doing something productive with their time, I peaked way too early, I did the most and I was happy but that didn’t last long and now I go with the flow with exactly what I want to do and not to do each day. It’s okay to lay in bed and watch Netflix all day and it’s equally just as okay to want to dive into your fifth online course - do what makes you feel is right and let the rest flow with you. In the words of Jessie J, ‘it’s okay not to be okay”


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