• Jessica Bautista

Quarantine Diaries: New Beginnings

Welcome to the new addition to my online portfolio.

The sole purpose of beginning this journey is to showcase my life’s work, passion and happiness, and on this short journey so far, I have had many different thoughts on what I want to do with this platform: I‘ve changed my mind and changed my mind again, and all of which is part of the journey, which is why this blog has been born.

Not only do I want to share what’s already been done or what’s to come on a professional level, but the process of this all personally, to my thoughts, my inspirations, the final outcome and every detail in between. I plan to share my updates during quarantine with what I’m up to, what I could recommend, who I could recommend, what inspires me, self love tips, my fitness journey and more. I want this to be a safe space, a positive area for all things self love, girl power and hopefully bring some inspiration to others. If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram and check out my Food & Travel Blog. Thank you again for joining me on my journey and I hope you enjoy what’s to come, whatever that may be!


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