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Quarantine Diaries: Online Cleanse

I know, it's not exactly the best time to decide to have a screen time cleanse, but honestly, with everything happening in the world and in my brain, it just felt right to take this mini break. My mental health has taken a toll recently and with personal projects happening like moving flat (I say that like I've told many people, I haven't apart from immediate family, so surprise!) has just driven me to focus on something else for a while.

So with that being said, clearing out the flat: from each shelf to each piece of clothing being analysed, ensuring what we bring to the new flat in true Marie Kondo style, brings joy.

While I'm still in the process of packing, I realised how much I needed this, like they say, cleaning out your home/workspace can clear your mind and since we're still stuck at home and online a lot more than usual, I knew I also had to clear out my phone and that's the main point of this point because I want to share with you what and where I cleared up.

1. Phone/Tablet apps

Last week I took the plunge to delete all my social media apps, not the accounts itself, not yet anyway. If you know me, I have deactivated and reactivated my Instagram every now and then, I just get a little bit in my head with socials and just feel the need to remove myself from them but this time, no deactivation, just freeing up some time for myself and reducing my screen time.

As well as deleting social media apps, I have gone through each folder, rearranged them and simply deleted the apps I no longer use or probably won't be using for a while.

2. Mobile contacts

I don't know about you, but there's something about going through your contacts and deleting the people you don't speak to anymore (wow that actually sounds horrible) but you know, out with the old, in with the new.

I personally do not speak to a lot of people, I'm the person who speaks to the same people everyday and that's okay with me.

3. Unsubscribe to junk emails

We all have those emails that we signed up to a website once to make an order and now you constantly get every offer and update that you didn't want to have in the first place.

Surprisingly, during lockdown, I actually started this and it was the best decision I've ever made - the amount of emails I've unsubscribed to and deleted, oh the simple joys!

4. Delete accounts

Following from the last point, I've even gone the extra mile and completely deleted some old email addresses I stopped using or haven't used in a while, or made because I wanted to started something, then I didn't.

From deleting apps and unsubscribing to emails, I logged into the ones I remembered and deleted the account overall - I know it may not delete my online trail but it's a start.

// If you haven't guessed, this is all mainly about deleting and clearing. I've always been that person to delete texts, Whatsapps and even Facebook messenger inboxes, not because I have anything to hide but because I don't enjoy the "mess" and with everything I've done so far with clearing out my phone, I have felt like my mind has clear a little more.

I have attempted to delete photos and video but I've got A LOT to go through, so let's not even being to talk about that one, just know it's a work in progress.

As well as clearing and deleting, I have gone through everything I have decided to keep and created a little spreadsheet of what email I used (as I have two official emails) and to simply keep track of what I'm signed up to and where my data is kept.

It feels so good to feel that sense of starting a fresh and hopefully I'll be keeping proper track of it now, along with my phone contacts and anything that tends to build up.

Anyone else done the same? Share some tips or apps that are a must need.


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