Tip: What To Save On & What To Splurge On

Updated: Aug 23

This wouldn't be a true budget wedding account if I didn't share my personal top tips on what is worth saving on and what is worth splurging on (please remember this is YOUR day and YOUR money), I am simply sharing what I've experienced along the way.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who battles with “it’s only one day and it’s THE day” - wedding days have been heavily portrayed that it’s the happiest day of your life and don’t get me wrong, yes it should and will be but that sentence alone puts so much pressure, and I hate to say it, more pressure on impressing your guests that yourself... or if you’re like me, if you want it you gotta have it no matter what others think and that thing is just hella unnecessarily expensive.

As I continue to plan my wedding, I start to realise I’d rather save even more than ever on the wedding to be able to create the life I want during our marriage, like buying a house and simply being able to travel more often - so now more than ever, we’ve cut things we think we don’t NEED or want, breaking the “norm”, so if you’re looking to plan your wedding on a budget, you’ve come to the right place!

And with that being said, here are the things I think are worth saving on and splurging on.

What to save on:

1. Wedding Invitations

As you are aware we have decided on creating an online wedding invitation, which I have already written a pro's and con's blog post on this, here, and while we are happy to have done so, I know others may still want a physical invitation, so with that it also does not have to break the bank - you can DIY your wedding invitations yourself or use a pre-made template to have that professional design element.

When I was still contemplating on my own invitations, I found amazing and inexpensive designs on Etsy for as little as 40p per invitation.

2. Wedding Flowers

Personally, I am not a big flower person in general but floral wedding decor, yes please!

Although, I would love the flower wall back drop and flower drops from the ceiling, I am a true believer of less is more - a simple flower arrangement for your centrepieces or simply 2 to 4 large flower arrangements at the front or either ends of the aisle or by the side of your dinner table would just be as effective!