Tip: What To Save On & What To Splurge On

This wouldn't be a true budget wedding account if I didn't share my personal top tips on what is worth saving on and what is worth splurging on (please remember this is YOUR day and YOUR money), I am simply sharing what I've experienced along the way.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who battles with “it’s only one day and it’s THE day” - wedding days have been heavily portrayed that it’s the happiest day of your life and don’t get me wrong, yes it should and will be but that sentence alone puts so much pressure, and I hate to say it, more pressure on impressing your guests that yourself... or if you’re like me, if you want it you gotta have it no matter what others think and that thing is just hella unnecessarily expensive.

As I continue to plan my wedding, I start to realise I’d rather save even more than ever on the wedding to be able to create the life I want during our marriage, like buying a house and simply being able to travel more often - so now more than ever, we’ve cut things we think we don’t NEED or want, breaking the “norm”, so if you’re looking to plan your wedding on a budget, you’ve come to the right place!

And with that being said, here are the things I think are worth saving on and splurging on.

What to save on:

1. Wedding Invitations

As you are aware we have decided on creating an online wedding invitation, which I have already written a pro's and con's blog post on this, here, and while we are happy to have done so, I know others may still want a physical invitation, so with that it also does not have to break the bank - you can DIY your wedding invitations yourself or use a pre-made template to have that professional design element.

When I was still contemplating on my own invitations, I found amazing and inexpensive designs on Etsy for as little as 40p per invitation.

2. Wedding Flowers

Personally, I am not a big flower person in general but floral wedding decor, yes please!

Although, I would love the flower wall back drop and flower drops from the ceiling, I am a true believer of less is more - a simple flower arrangement for your centrepieces or simply 2 to 4 large flower arrangements at the front or either ends of the aisle or by the side of your dinner table would just be as effective!

Other options of course is to DIY your wedding flowers, I've heard Costco or even local supermarkets are a good alternative to create your own bouquets of flowers and decorations, as well as artificial flowers - a top tip in which I have been told is that real and artificial flowers look no different in photos, which could help you make this decision for you.

3. Champagne Toast

I am not one to say no to some bubbly, but a champagne toast could be a bit pricey, definitely having an alternative drink such as sparkling wine would also do the trick, or simply ask guests to raise their glasses so they can toast with what their drinking already instead, this of course would save you money and by this point, your guests will never notice otherwise.

4. Wedding Favours

Thanking guests for coming to your wedding is an amazing thing to do and so you should, I have come to learn that these little giveaways are very easy to add up the pounds.

DIY here would come in handy by this point, this will also give you the opportunity to create something personal or, if like us you are choosing to have a photo booth - this could simply act as both entertainment and a keepsake to your wedding - there's nothing worse than giving your guests something they do not want to keep.

What to splurge on:

1. Wedding Photographer / Videographer

While I had once contemplated on not having either, as I wanted to create a different vibe, I have then come to the realisation that as much as one would love to, you will not be able to relive your wedding day and the closest one can get to doing so would be the photos and film of your special day - this would be the thing you would be sharing with your children and their children one day and of course for yourself to look back on over the years to come - so naturally you would want the best of the best that you can afford, someone who can fit your requirements and style.

2. Wedding Musicians/DJ

The music is what sets the vibe, no matter what anyone says, not matter the amount of alcohol or good food will not save your party from a terrible DJ or singer, so I would definitely suggest you find someone who comes highly recommend or well known to your style of music/vibe that you are looking for.

I would recommend asking to listen to a sample of their set (if they’re a DJ) or songs (if they’re a band/singer).

3. Wedding Planner

There are many options to have in regards to having a wedding planner, you can hire a wedding planner who will be with you every step of the way, a simple overall consultation of what to expect, or a month-to-month who can help you with what you want the most. Of course, you can give a wedding planner a miss all together but if you do not wish to take on all the stress of planning yourself - a wedding planner would be best for all.

If having a wedding planner is what you would like, here are 5 reason why I should be your wedding planner.

4. Wedding Venue

I would definitely not recommend spending a crazy amount on a wedding venue rental fee. I have seen both ends of opting for a less expensive venue but then had to spend tons and effort to decorate, which leads to even more hassle and having an amazingly beautiful venue but costs way too much!

Personally, we have found a venue in which is perfect for us, not ridiculously expensive but one that includes so much more than just the venue itself; includes the chairs, tables and decorations.

Don’t be afraid to go in with your budget to see if they can do something for you. You know as they say, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Remember, all weddings are different, people and their priorities are different.

What would you save on and splurge on?

Much love,


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