Valentine's Day at Home Ideas & Coupons (+download)

Updated: Aug 23

It's that time of year where I'd usually state it's another Sunday, blah de blah, I personally have not cared much for this day but I do accept that it is a day that is celebrated whether we like it or not, and let's be honest, it's just that extra day where one would show more appreciation than normal to their loved one!

But since this account is all about love, wedding and planning - it only feels right to share some ideas to celebrate this Valentine's Dat at home, including downloadable and printable coupons.

Here are some of my ideas for a cute Valentine's Day at home:

  1. Order a FANCY meal, like There's one thing being able to have a home cooked meal (and I'm sure we've had many of those) but if you cannot be bothered to cook on this day, I would highly recommend going all out for a fancy steak meal from your favourite restaurant.

  2. Check out your local area for Order & Collect, like Pasta Remoli If you're not down for the expensive meal (I mean, same) then make sure to check out your local area, support the business that are open and order from there to save you from cooking at home too.

  3. Cocktail masterclass If you are a drinker, how fun would it be to buy a whole load of different spirits, recreate your favourite cocktail, follow a YouTube video, make up your own or pay for a virtual class - have fun while getting absolutely wasted at home.

  4. Bake something sweet together Making something together, especially desserts could be a hit or miss - I mean, they do say too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin the broth, or it could be really fun to get messy, experiment and simply have a tasty outcome.

  5. Wrap up and take a local walk Staying at home isn't for everyone, craving that crisp air is just what this day needs - so basic, but yet effective, wrap up warm, pour a hot drink in a portable mug, walk, talk, see the views and just enjoy the moment.

  6. Get creative Do you and your partner like getting creative? Why not set up a painting station for you both, get the paints our or whatever you like and get creative, may that be the same thing or anything you want, with drinks in one hand - it may just be the perfect match!

If all fails, you can download these coupons below, I have one set already pre-written and another that have been left blank for you own use and imagination to personal specifically to your loved one - the best part of these coupons is that they can also be used for all other occasions.

Pre-written Coupons: