Bride-to-be's Planning Their Wedding During a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 23

If you've read my first segment of this you should know that I am sharing not only own own story but other Bride-to-be's stories on their wedding planning experience during the pandemic.

Orejs & Arge's Story

Planning our wedding has been surprisingly gratifying. I’m not really one for planning events but having Arge being very vocal and supportive has made it admittedly enjoyable as we pretty much have the same vision and expectations.

In the beginning of planning, I was totally on a roll finding normal pauses in between. Since covid, we have faced some challenges as there is so much uncertainty. We are currently waiting on restriction updates hoping we can have enough numbers even if it’s just to cover our big family alone lol. We are currently still staying positive and hopeful for our original date 20th May 2021. What has helped us get through it all is remembering that the situation is not in our control and trusting that God’s plan is bigger than ours 🙏🤞

Chloe & Matt's Story

Instagram: @_.chloechanel + @matt_mcdng

I got engaged in 2019 which marked our 10th year together and planned to get married this May 2021, however from the 1st lockdown we knew there was a very slim chance of things going back to normal. Luckily we only had the venue secured and had planned to get our to do list ticked off last year leading up to the ‘potential’ wedding date.

It’s been hard to plan anything or even get a proper date down due to the government changing things weekly, so for now we’ve backed out of our venue and will see how things go nearer to the time. We have however set our date for next May 2022 and regardless of how COVID will be, we’ll certainly be getting married, even if it’s just to 2 of us enjoying that special moment. My advice to any brides-to-be planning their wedding, is to be adaptable to any situation and think of all possibilities on how your wedding day could turn out. Remember it’s all about you and your other half, so as long as you’re both in agreement, all will go smoothly for your special day.